GRET-Haiti Site Visit
On Wednesday November 23, 2005, GRET-HAITI made a site visit to Medical Clinique
Campeche.  Baillergeau is one of the districts aimed by the project GRET-HAITI and very close
to Campeche Medical Clinique, therefore the coordinating team of the GRET-HATI project  met
with the staff within the framework of a partnership '' Centre of Santé/Comité Quartier/GRET.

In shot 1, upper-right left corner, Dr. Wilner Simon and Dr. Gesner Cesar are  answering the
questions from the GRET-HAITI Interviewer as Dr. Jean Ronald Cadet GRET-HAITI Project
Coordinator and Enor
Joseph Health Agent look on.

In Shot 2, upper-right corner, the nurses are interviewed while Dr. Jean Ronald Cadet

In Shot 3, lower-left corner, GRET-HAITI and Clinique Medical Campeche staffs pose for a
picture. From left to right, Dr. Gesner Cesar, Dr. Jean Ronald Cadet, Interviewer and Enor

In Shot 4, lower-right corner, from left to right Enor Joseph Health Agent, Dr. Gesner Cesar
and Dr. Jean Ronald Cadet.

The goal of the site visit was to evaluate Medical Clinique Campeche for programs of
Prevention and Assumption of Responsibility of HIV-infected People and Projects of Support to
the Community Initiatives for the reduction of maternal mortality in the Campeche/Baillergeau
areas and vicinities.

GRET is Group de Recherche et d'Echanges Technologiques, visit