2006 Soccer Tournament
Fondation Bienfaisance, Inc.
& Mouvement des Jeunes de Campeche
Summer 2006 Soccer Tournament
Fondation Bienfaisance in collaboration with “Mouvement des Jeunes de Campeche” organized the Summer 2006 Soccer
Tournament.   The tournament serves many important purposes; one central purpose is to bring Fondation Bienfaisance
and the many communities of Morne l’Hospital closer.  The tournament also serves as a medium to propagate important
health and behavior modification messages to the youth.  Soccer tournaments, health fairs, seminars and conferences,
arts and cultural expressions promotions are primary components of the Fondation’s community outreach program.

These projects and undertakings constitute one sure way to keep the youth of these poor neighborhoods involved in
positive activities.  The closing of schools and the end of the academic year on Tuesday June 15, 2006 resulted in idle
time for the youth.  These impoverished areas are void of social activities and youth inactivity can be easily be swayed.  
Fondation Bienfaisance, Inc. chose to emphasize the positive and offered options and alternatives to the youth.

The Final game will take place on Sunday September 3rd 2006.  School reopens the following day, Sept 4th.
Nordy "Veve" Beauvais
Nordy Beauvais aka “Veve” of North Miami, Florida is the major
sponsor of the 2006 Summer Soccer Tournament “Tournoi de la
Paix”.  Mr. Beauvais is an auto-mechanic serving the residents
of Miami-Dade at the Wohlwend Garage located at 496 NW 54

The sponsorship covered the cost associated with the cleaning
and preparation of the soccer field in Port-au-Prince.  It also
paid for the organizing committee’s uniforms, four trophies,
thirteen medals, soccer balls and the festivities of the last
game (DJ and music).
On behalf of the sixteen participating teams and their respective neighborhoods, Fondation Bienfaisance and
“Mouvement des Jeunes de Campeche” extent their gratitude to Mr. Nordy “Veve” Beauvais for his support of
this great endeavor.  The Soccer Tournament promotes health, peace and fairplay among the youths of the
slums of Port-au-Prince.
2006 Winner's Trophy
Morne Sicot
Yo pa ka kopyel

Jean Phillipe
G-Unit F.C
Super Star F.C
Boko F.C
16 competing teams representing 8 neighborhoods
Top - Campeche
Super Fly
(2005 Champion)

Ram de Valence
Jaguars F.C
Marche Salomon

Hotel Oloffson


2006 Soccer Tournament Moments