Art Donation Program
donated to the Royal
Carribean Black History
donated to
the Florida
Gran Opera's
donated to the Haitian
American Chamber of
Commerce, Inc.
donated to the University
of Miami - Human Subject
Research Office for
Annual Campaign for
United Way
loaned 27 pieces of artwork to the Haitian
Heritage Museum, Inc.

At Fondation Bienfaisance, we are committed to the care and welfare of the less fortunate and we accomplish this noble aim
through direct actions and activities in the United States and around the world and through concerted efforts from other
non-profit organizations and community-based agencies.

Fondation Bienfaisance promotes the arts and cultural expressions though the donation of art works to raise money for
churches, non-profit organizations and the art communities.  Below are examples of donated artworks to non-profit

Fondation Bienfaisance believes that art and cultural expressions are powerful therapeutic tolls and emphasized the
inclusion and use of these elements on its intervention approach to promoting and providing health, care and health care
services to the less fortunate of the world.