Offering a Promise of Triumph over Intense and Overwhelming Needs
OPTION is the management and administration of sponsorships of a needy child called
beneficiary by a potential donor called proxy.  OPTION is implemented not only as a
response to the great hardship witnessed in the poor and marginalized neighborhoods
but also and especially as a result of the great interest demonstrated by potential
donors to help and donate to the cause of needy children. Many donors have manifested
the desire to help in areas of personal interests.  

Fondation Bienfaisance wants to keep an open mind to donations by implementing
programs that give donors full control over the recipients and use of their donations.  

OPTION will serve as connecting bridge; will facilitate the communication between proxy
and beneficiary and ensure that interests and rights on both sides are protected.  An
administrative fee, 20% overhead will be assessed on sponsorships to run the program.