Centre Medical Gabriel Vital
Medical Clinic
Quality medical care is available from doctors, nurses
and therapists experienced in the areas of Ob-gyn, Pre
and Postnatal Care, Gynecology and Pediatrics.
Medical Laboratory
The Laboratory performs basic routine tests.
Testing plays a crucial role in the detection,
diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
Quality of care is made complete with a pharmacy that
is tailored to the specific needs of the patients.  
Medications emphasizes early intervention and
prevention of complications, thus improving the quality
of care
Centre Medical Martissant 7 offers mental health
services and psychosocial intervention.
Martissant is a community located south of Port-au-Prince
towards Carrefour and Route Nationale # 2.  Demographic
explosion has not sparred this once-residential area,
Martissant, like Campeche has become a big shantytown, a
very dangerous one.  The gangs of Grand Ravine, Ti Bois
(Zone Decayette),  l’armée Ti Manchette (Ruelle Ste
Bernadette),  Nan Sore have their heahquater in Martissant.

Just like Campeche, the community is largely made of
anarchic constructions and does not abide by any code or
urban laws.  It is also void of sanitation system, garbage
disposal system, running water and social services.   

The population is very dense in these areas; recent
statistical and epidemiological research studies have
revealed some serious risks of infection for the residents in
general and for the children in particular from drinking
polluted water and unhygienic disposal of human waste.